GoBYSA Questions and Answers

How long have you been involved with Football Tours?

Our first tour was in 1977, since then we have organised tours for teams from all over the UK and Ireland, as well as countries as diverse as the USA, Bolivia, Taiwan, Sweden, Norway, Japan, Panama, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic.

How does Group Size affect our Tour Costs?

Larger groups definitely save money and benefit from the economies of scale. So, consider bringing two or more teams, and encourage family members to come along, as you will all save money by creating a larger cost-effective group.

Does Currency Fluctuation affect our costs?

In recent years the currency market has been nowhere as stable as it used to be. Your tour package will be priced based upon an exchange rate that was set on March 1st 2021. If the exchange rate alters by more than 5% we may need to pass on the extra costs.

Can we get refunds if individual group members cancel?

Deposits are non-refundable, but in most cases we transfer individual deposits to the remainder of the group’s account. Up to 8 weeks before travel only the deposits are lost, and then a graduated scale of charges applies. We explain this fully in your booking contract.

Are Age Groups defined the same way across the World?

‘Most countries throughout the World (apart from England and America) use January 1st to define their team age groups. For instance, for the 2021/22 season, U12’s in England are usually born August 2009 and later, whilst elsewhere a U12 will be born after January 2010. Many tournaments are aware of this difference and give age concessions, check with us when you are choosing which event to enter.

What about the level of competition we can expect?

Many teams travel to foreign countries and play mismatched games, either losing or winning heavily … both are equally bad! A key part of GoBYSA’s expertise is to carefully match your opponents with your own standard of play, especially in friendship matches. In tournaments it is more “pot luck”, but we will advise which events are most suitable for your team’s playing abilities.

Travel to Europe by Private Coach and Ferry

How to get to your tour destination is an important part of your tour planning and a major part of the package costs. It is important to ensure that everyone in your group travels in comfort, safety and in a cost-effective as way as possible. We can arrange for your group to travel by private executive coach directly from your home base. Alternatively, some groups choose to travel under their own steam; book their own coach, travel by minibus, etc., you are more than welcome to make your own arrangements.

Fly To Your Tour Destination

We can deal with certain airlines on your behalf if you wish, alternatively, we can pass your details on to a company called AVIATE GROUPS which is a division of Aviate Travel, which are committed to providing the best group flight booking service in the industry for both trade and consumers.

Booking group flights offers many benefits, but can be a confusing and stressful process. AVIATE GROUPS take the stress out of booking group travel. They organise flights and manage the booking from beginning to end, using their experience of the market and relationships with their airline partners to find you the best itinerary at the best group fare. Their ethos is customer service-led, and their friendly and knowledgeable team will help you plan and manage your group booking.  Also when you book your flights with AVIATE GROUPS you are protected under their ATOL license. however, if you want to book your own flights you are more than welcome to do and a list of the airlines that fly to your destination is included on the information sheet for each tour.

Travel in America

Self-drive mini-vans are the way to go, everyone in America drives everywhere!

For our groups we’ve found that providing self-drive minivans gives them more freedom and they are really easy to drive. These vans normally have 8, 12 or 15 seats and with petrol (Gas!) being so inexpensive they are a low-cost way of getting from A to B. For groups that don’t want this we can also arrange transfers by private coach.