Decide Which Football Tour Is For You


Decide which dates suit your own commitments and availability. For example, check on the dates of School holidays, family commitments, etc.

Plan Well Ahead

Allow enough lead-in time to plan your tour and raise funds: try and plan a few months ahead and decide your maximum tour budget at the outset, this will help decide which tours are possible. Be realistic and ensure you all agree.

Tour Type

Do you prefer a Tournament Tour or a Friendship Tour, or maybe you are looking for a training break? Remember most International Tournaments are in the school holidays at Easter, in May, June, July and October. Depending on where you want to go we can arrange a Friendship Tour at any time of the year.

Customise a Tour

Remember, we can tailor any tour to suit your own criteria concerning things like Tour Dates, Budget, Inclusions or Destinations. This refers mostly to Friendship tours and Training camps, tournaments tend to have a set programme.


Europe is the home of football and provides a fabulous choice of destinations for sightseeing and cultural attractions as well as world-class football experiences.  Do you want to go where there is (practically!) guaranteed sunshine? If so Southern Europe is for you.  If the weather isn’t as much of a consideration then either Northern Europe or Scandinavia will be an option.  For that ‘once in a lifetime’ experience, America and Brazil are the places to go.

Getting Your Group Together

Regular meetings of parents and players are important, but also time-consuming, so establish a small and dynamic tour committee to do most of the planning with specific functions like Secretary, Treasurer, Fund-Raising and Contact Person who liaises with the Tour Company. Establish key decisions at an early date by having several group meetings – decide your best travel dates, maximum tour budget, tour preferences and ensure that everyone is happy with these decisions, especially the tour costs. You are then able to proceed with detailed tour planning. Publicise the key payment dates and collect early tour deposits this will establish exactly who intends to go and who does not.

If possible establish a tour bank account, to receive the group members’ payments and transfer funds. Obtain all the parents’ e-mail addresses so that you can communicate quickly, and in writing, and also send attachments concerning the tour Itinerary, useful websites, insurance and tour updates.

Fund Raising

There are various ways you can fund your tour such as a raffle, car washes, bake sales, etc but we’ve found that a good way for clubs to raise money without very much effort is to sign up at the only not for profit, social enterprise helping shoppers generate free cash donations for the causes they want to support, every time they shop online. Being not for profit and guided by a social purpose means that they are able to offer the highest donation percentages possible from all your favourite shops for your team. Visit their website and register your club:

Free Places

We recognise the tremendous amount of work it takes from coaches and parents to run a football team and organise a tour so as a small reward for their work, we offer a generous Free Place for every 20 persons who pay.