Easter Football Tournaments for Your Team

At Easter, we promote youth football tournaments for Boys teams and Girls teams across Europe – In Belgium; Hasselt Cup. In Germany; The Bayern Trophy. In Holland; Holland Easter Open. In Italy. Roma International Cup and in Spain, Mare Nostrum Cup, the Benidorm Cup and Madrid International Cup – All of these are top quality, well-organised football tournaments.

We have tournaments for all age groups ranging from U7 to U19, there is sure to be an event that suits your needs

Select Your Team’s Easter Tournament For 2021





Age Groups


Bayern Trophy

Munich, Germany

April 2-5th 2021

U19 11-a-Side

U17 11-a-Side

U15 11-a-Side

U14 11-a-Side

U13 11-a-Side

U13 9-a-Side

U11 7-a-Side

U9 7-a-Side

From £???.00 plus flight costs per person.

Hasselt Cup

Hasselt, Belgium

April 2-5th 2021

11-a-side Under 19

11-a-side Under 17

11-a-side Under 15

11-a-side Under 14

11-a-side Under 13

9-a-side Under 13

8-a-side Under 12

7-a-side Under 11

7-a-side Under 10

From £206.00 per person plus flights OR £267.00 per person including coach/ferry travel

Mare Nostrum Cup

Salou, Spain

April 1-4th 2021

Boys 11-a-side U13 - Born in 2008

Boys 11-a-side U14 - Born in 2007

Boys 11-a-side U16 - Born before January 2005

Girls 11-a-side U16 - Born before January 2005

Girls 11-a-side Open age born January 1st 2003 and later

Boys 7-a-side U8 - Born before January 1st 2013

Boys 7-a-side U9 - Born in 2012

Boys 7-a-side U10 - Born in 2011

Boys 7-a-side U11 - Born in 2010

Boys 7-a-side U12 - Born in 2009

From £244.00 per player and £179.00 per coach plus flight costs per person.

Benidorm Cup

Benidorm, Spain

April 1-4th 2021

Male 11-a-side: U16, U14 and U13

Female 11-a-side: Ladies and U16 (up to two U18 players are allowed)

Male 8-a-side: U12, U11, U10 and U8

Female 8-a-side: U12 (Up to two U14 players are allowed)

From £215.00 plus flight costs per person

Holland Easter Open

Venlo area, Holland

April 2-5th 2021

Boys 11-a-side: U19/18, U17, U16, U15, U14, U13.

Boys 8-a-side: U12, U11

Boys 7-a-side: U10, U9, U8

Girls 11-a-side: U17, U15

Girls 8-a-side: U13

Boys 4-a-side: U7

From £148.00 per person plus flight costs OR from £208.00 if travel by coach and ferry.

Roma International  Cup

Rome, Italy

April 2-5th 2021

Boys 11-a-side: U14, U15, U16, U17 and U19

Boys 9-a-side: U12 and U13

Boys 7-a-side: U10 and U11

Boys 5-a-side U8

Prices from £217.00 plus flight costs per person

Madrid International Cup

Madrid, Spain

March 31 - April 4th 2021

Boys 11-a-side: U19, U16 and U14

Boys 8-a-side: U12 and U10

Girls 11-a-side U19, U16 and U14

Girls 8-a-side U12 and U10

From £317.00 plus flight costs per person

Tournament Age Groups – something to consider

Most countries throughout the World (apart from England and America) use January 1st to define their team age groups. For instance, for the 2020/21 season, U12’s in England are usually born August 2008 and later, whilst elsewhere a U12 will be born after January 2009. Many tournaments are aware of this difference and give age concessions, check with us when you are choosing which event to enter.