Spring Football Tournaments in Europe

If you are planning on taking your team away for a football package abroad in May we can help you.We have four fantastic tournaments for you to choose from. In Spain, THE INTERNATIONAL WHITSUNTIDE TROPHY. In Italy, ITALIA SUPER CUP, In France, SO AIMARGUES TROPHY and, finally, in Holland, JULIANA MALDEN CUP.

Four quality tournaments in four football mad Countries, what could be better!

Enter Your Team into the Following Spring Football Tournaments




Age Groups


Europa Cup – Paris

Paris, France

May 22-25th 2020

U07 Players born 1st September 2013 and after

U08 Players born 1st September 2012 and after

U09 Players born 1st September 2011 and after

U10 Players born 1st September 2010 and after

U11 Players born 1st September 2009 and after

U12 Players born 1st September 2008 and after

U13 Players born 1st September 2007 and after

U14 Players born 1st September 2006 and after

U15/16 Players born 1st September 2004 and after

From £269.00 plus flights per person OR £325.00 per person including Coach/Ferry travel

Copa Maresme

Blanes Tordera - Spain

May 29-June 1st 2020

Boys 11-a-side U19

Boys 11-a-side U17

Boys 11-a-side U15A

Boys 11-a-side U15B

Boys 8-a-side U13A

Boys 8-a-side U13B

Boys 7-a-side U11

From £220.00 plus flight costs per person

International Whitsuntide Trophy

Lloret de Mar Area

June 1-6th 2020

Boys 11-a-Side U19

Boys 11-a-Side U17

Boys 11-a-Side U15

Boys 11-a-Side U13

Boys 7-a-Side U11

Women 11-a-Side Open Age

Girls 11-a-Side U17

Girls 11-a-Side U15

From £263.00 plus flight costs per person

Italia Super-Cup

Adriatic Coast, Italy

May 21-24th 2020

U17 Boys 11-a-side

U15 Boys 11-a-side

U13 Boys 11-a-side

U11 Boys 7-a-side

Prices from £170.00 plus flight costs per person

S.O. Aimargues Tournament

Aimargues, France

May 15-18th 2020

Boys U11 and U13

£400.00 for 12 Players/2 Coaches: Others pay £149.00

The Juliana Malden Cup

Malden, Holland

May 22-25th 2020

Boys 11-a-side: U15, U14 and U13

Boys 8-a-side: U12 and U11

Boys 6-a-side: U9

From £124.00 plus flight costs per person

Tournament Age Groups – something to consider

Most countries throughout the World (apart from England and America) use January 1st to define their team age groups. For instance for the 2019/20 season U12’s in England are usually born August 2007 and later, whilst elsewhere an U12 will be born after January 2008. Many tournaments are aware of this difference and give age concessions, check with us when you are choosing which event to enter.