Summer and Autumn Tournaments in Europe

From Finland to Italy, GoBYSA provide all-inclusive summer and autumn football tournaments across Europe for you and your team. Challenge your boys, girls or women’s football team against some of the best teams from around the globe.

We arrange everything for you – travel, accommodation, tournament entry – in the top tournaments across Europe. Combine great football and fantastic sightseeing in one tour; what an opportunity!

 Summer and Autumn Football Tournament Dates in 2018




Age Groups


Costa Blanca Cup

Benidorm, Spain

July 1-7th

Boys 11-a-side: U13, U14, U15, U16, U17 and U19.

Boys 8-a-side: U8, U10, U11 and U12.

Female 11-a-side: U16, U18 and open age Ladies.

Girls 8-a-side: U14

From £330.00 plus flight costs per person

Barcelona Summer  Cup

Barcelona, Spain

July 2-6th

Boys 11-a-side: U13, U14, U15 and U16

Boys 7-a-side: U11 and U12

Girls 11-a-side: U14 and U16

From £321.00 plus flight costs per person

Helsinki Cup

Helsinki, Finland

July 9-14th

Boys 11-a-side: U13 Elite, U14, U14 Elite, U15, U15 Elite and U17

Boys 8-a-side: U10 Hobby, U10, U11 Hobby, U11, U12, U12 Elite and U13

Girls 11-a-side: U14 Elite, U15, U15 Elite, U18 and U18 Elite.

Girls 8-a-side: U10, U10 Elite, U11, U11 Elite, U12, U12 Elite, U13 and U13 Elite

Mixed 5-a-side: U7, U7 Elite, U8, U8 Elite, U9 and U9 Elite

From £201.00 plus flight costs per person.

Cup Denmark

Brondby, Denmark

Either Aug. 1-6th, Aug. 1-5th, Aug. 2-6th or Aug. 2-5th

Boys 11-a-side: U13, U14, U15, U16 and U19

Boys 7-a-side: U10, U11 and U12

Female 11-a-side: U14, U15, U17 and Ladies open age

Girls 7-a-side: U12

From £129.00 plus flight costs per person

San Marino Cup

San Marino, Italy

July 9-15th

Boys 11-a-side: U12, U14, U16 and U18

Boys 7-a-side: Boys U10

Girls 11-a-side: U12, U14 and U17

From £237.00 plus flight costs per person

Lisbon Football Youth Cup

Lisbon, Portugal

26-29th Oct 2018

Boys 11-a-side U15 and U13

Boys 7-a-side U11

Girls 11-a-side U19 and U15

From £220.00 plus flight costs per person

Tournament Age Groups – something to consider

Most countries throughout the World (apart from England and America) use January 1st to define their team age groups. For instance for the 2017/18 season U12’s in England are usually born August 2005 and later, whilst elsewhere an U12 will be born after January 2006. Many tournaments are aware of this difference and give age concessions, check with us when you are choosing which event to enter.