GoBYSA invite you to participate in two of South America’s top tournaments, The BA CUP in Buenos Aires and BRAZIL CUP in Pocos de Caldas, Both offer excellent football together with the chance to visit, aguably, two of the greatest and most successful Countries in World football.


BA Cup is considered the most international soccer tournament in America, thought of as one the most prestigious and visited tournaments in the world.

BA Cup provides players with the opportunity to improve their game, have fun on and off the field, and make friends from around the world. BA Cup offers a series of additional activities including coaching clinics and seminars lead by top professionals and clubs. These same professionals and scouts provide players with the opportunity to be seen and evaluated by leading football clubs in America and Europe, as well as the opportunity to receive scholarships to some of the best universities.

All players and guests are invited to participate in these events as well as cultural and recreational activities throughout the tournament. Beside Argentina’s unyielding passion for the sport and the chance to travel internationally to the football capital of the world, BA Cup provides all inclusive travel packages for players and families.

Past years has seen teams travel from Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, England, France, Holland, Korea, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, USA, Venezuela and, of course, Argentina to compete.


Brazil is the most successful national soccer team in the history of the FIFA World Cup, with five wins. They are also the most successful team in the FIFA Confederations Cup tournament with three titles.

They say about Brazilian football; “Os ingleses o inventaram, os brasileiros o aperfeiçoaram” (“The English invented it, the Brazilians perfected it”) Brazil has also produced some of the world’s best international players in the history of the game including Pelé, Zico, Romário, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo, Ronaldihno and Kaká. This makes Brazil an almost perfect place for international football teams to travel to and learn more about the Brazilian style of soccer!

The tournament we feature, Brazil Cup, has received team from over to 30 countries in the 18 years since it began. Teams have taken part from United States, South Africa, England, Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina, China, South Korea, Japan, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Canada, Kazakhstan, Haiti and of course Brazil. More than 30,000 young players have already played in Brazil Cup such as Kaká, Anderson and Julio Baptista.




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Age Groups


Brazil Friendship Tours

Rio de Janeiro and Buzios

Year Round

Boys U10 - U19

Girls U10-U19

Ladies Open

From £924.00 plus flight costs per person

Hawaii International Cup

Oahu Island, Hawaii, USA

August 4-10th (tournament play 6/7/8th)

Boys and Girls U19, U18 and U17 - 11-a-side

Boys and Girls U16 and U15 - 11-a-side

Boys and Girls U14 and U13 - 11-a-side

Boys and Girls U12 and U11 - 9-a-side

Boys and Girls U10 and U9 - 7-a-side

Boys and Girls U8, U7 and U6 - 4-a-side

From £398.00 plus flight costs per person.

The BA Cup

Buenos Aires

July 25-31st 2021

Boys, Girls and Adults This tour is open to individuals as well as teams

Boys 11-a-side U18, U16 and U14

Boys 7-a-side U12, U10 and U8

Female 7-a-side Ladies, U16 and U12

Masters 7-a-side Over 42, Over 35 and Open Age

From £895.00 plus flight costs per person.

Brazil Cup

Pocos de Caldas, Brazil

July 17-26th 2021

Boys 11-a-side: U11, 13, 15 and 17

From £667.00 plus flight costs per person

Florida Friendship Tour

Orlando area, Florida, USA

Year Round

Boys, Girls and Ladies teams: all ages

From £365.00 plus flight costs per person

Los Angeles Friendship Tour

Los Angeles, California

Year Round

Boys, Girls and Ladies teams: all ages

From £347.00 plus flight costs per person.