Football Tours To Holland

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Holland is one of our leading venues for teams wanting to go on tour. It one of the most convenient destination, easily reached by either ferry or air, it offers good football and great hospitality!

Football is the most popular sport in Holland and is played by teams of all ages and abilities throughout the country, wherever you go you are sure to find a team to play and no matter your ability level you are certain to enjoy a competitive match. Holland also features some of the top youth football tournaments in Europe, Holland Easter Open, Easter Open West and Juliana Malden Cup are three of the best.

If you choose to enter a tournament you will be accommodated in one of the Holiday Parks we have reserved for our travelling teams. The parks are a perfect base for your football tour offering various activities that are sure to keep the group entertained throughout the length of the tour including swimming, bowling, mini golf or renting bikes. They also offer a bar and restaurant for the older members to enjoy!

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For those teams that simply want to travel abroad for a few days break, Holland is the perfect choice for a convenient destination that is easily accessed by ferry and air, which offers good football and above all good hospitality. Whatever your age you will be made most welcome by the local clubs in keenly contested friendly fixtures. We accommodate our groups within a choice of Stayokay hostels, meaning you can discover the Netherlands in a surprisingly affordable way. We offer a choice of three different destinations…

Arnhem a sizable city in its own right, it is best known today as the site of one of the most famous battles of World War II. It has long been at the centre of conflicts because of its strategic location on the banks of the Rhine River. The Battle of Arnhem, part of Operation Market Garden, was fought in September 1944. Advancing Allied forces, in large part due to a series of mistakes, failed to secure a key bridge and suffered defeat, delaying the Allied advance into Germany until the following spring. There is even a museum dedicated to these events.

The Arnhem War Museum is a private museum dedicated to the Second World War in and around Arnhem. It’s a beautiful private museum with a great collection of war artefacts. The museum also offers dioramas with authentic material. This collection consists of Allied and German documents, uniforms, weapons, and many non-military objects, for example newspapers, which give an impression of the daily life of that time.

Other attractions include Burgers’ Zoo which is one of the largest Zoo’s in Holland. It has been successful enough in breeding fish and coral for their own aquarium that they can now help provide animals to other public aquariums. Besides presenting many of its animals in simulated habitat in spacious indoors ecosystems, Burgers' Zoo also has facilities for conservation and captive breeding of animals nearly extinct. The Socorro dove (Zenaida graysoni) for example does not exist outside captivity at present; it was wiped out by introduced mammals on its home island. The species is being bred in Burgers' Zoo for eventual reintroduction into the wild.

Park Sonsbeek is the most famous park in this city. It is 67 hectares and borders two other parks. These three parks are closely linked and together they are around 200 hectares. The area is a protected cityscape.

Noordwijk is a friendly fishing village that has transformed into a popular beach resort that attracts thousands of visitors each year. The town of Noordwijk is ideal for relaxing at the beach or at one of the numerous restaurants and beach pavilions. It is also just 26 miles from central Amsterdam.

The main attraction of Noordwijk is the beach, but that’s not the only thing Noordwijk has to offer. Discover the world of satellites and rockets at Space Expo, Europe’s first permanent space exhibition. If you’re visiting Noordwijk in springtime, you should definitely rent a bike and cycle through the bulb region where millions of tulips colour the landscape.

Relax at the beach, wine and dine on and around the boulevard, shop in the historical centre and enjoy Noordwijk’s fantastic nightlife.

Den Haag is one of the most extraordinary cities in Holland. Not just because it is the government city, but also because of its many monuments, historic districts and its location near the beautiful North Sea coastline. Things to do include a visit to the amusement park Drievliet. It has family attractions, children activities, adventurous rides and magical shows. Drievliet has many spectacular rides and slides that make you fly through the air, free fall dive into the water, spin and rock around and blast away with a speed of 70 kilometres an hour. If you would rather take it, there are plenty of other activities more suited to younger visitors (and parents).

The Hague Market is the biggest outdoor market in Europe. The Hague Market is locally pronounced as the ‘Haagse Mart’ and is located on Herman Coster street. You can buy just about everything here on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Approximately 25,000 people visit the Hague Market each market day.

In terms of activities in Holland, there is a wide range of things to do ensuring there will never be a dull moment on your trip. You might want to take a stadium tour to the Amsterdam Arena, home of Ajax FC or have a day out at the Efteling Theme Park. Whatever you choose, you’ll be sure to have a memorable tour.

Our Football Tours to Holland


Friendship Tour



Age Groups


Easter Open West

Sassenheim, Holland

April 10-13th 2020

Boys 11-a-side: U17, U16, U15, U14, U13

Boys 8-a-side: U12, U11

Boys 7-a-side: U10, U9, U8

Girls 11-a-side: U17 and U15

Girls 8-a-side: U13

From £181.00 per person

Holland Easter Open

Venlo area, Holland

April 10-13th 2020

Boys 11-a-side: U19/18, U17, U16, U15A, U15B, U14, U13A, U13B, U12

Boys 8-a-side: U12, U11A, U11B

Boys7-a-side: U10A, U10B, U9 U8

Girls 11-a-side: U19, U17, U15

Girls 7-a-side: U13

Boys 4-a-side: U7

From £142.00 per person

The Juliana Malden Cup

Malden, Holland

May 22-25th 2020

Boys 11-a-side: U15, U14 and U13

Boys 8-a-side: U12 and U11

Boys 6-a-side: U9

From £124.00 plus flight costs per person

Holland Friendship Tours

Arnhem, Den Haag or Noordwijk

Arnhem, Den Haag or Noordwijk

Available year round

Year Round

Boys, Girls and Ladies teams: all ages

All Boys, Girls and Ladies teams.

From £196.00 per person

Football Tours To Holland
Football Tours To Holland
Football Tours To Holland