Football Tours To Italy

Tournament entry and Friendship Tours for Boys, Girls and Ladies teams

Italy has been a very popular destination for football groups in past seasons because of the warm weather and the attitude of the locals who provide excitement, entertainment and a passion for football that are essential ingredients for a great tour. The positive feedback we’ve received from previous groups should give you the confidence that we will organise a memorable tour for your team.

For those of you that want a friendship tour, we offer a stay in the coastal towns of Rimini or Riccione. As everyone knows, Italy has some of the continent’s most beautiful coasts, and there is one that is particularly famous and very popular — the Adriatic Riviera. This wonderful coastline is about 90km long, and its main cities are called Rimini and Riccione. These two towns are popular both with young people and adults since these places offer both clubbing and nightlife and locations to relax.

With nine miles of beaches, the beach front is the number one reason tourists and locals alike come to this part of the Adriatic. It is amongst the safest, as it’s shallow, and there are lifeguards all along the beachfront. If you want you can also rent a pedalo boat, to easily reach deeper waters.

Most of the beach facilities include playgrounds – and many have games like giant trampolines, ping-pong tables, beach volleyball and a variety of sports.

Both towns are geared towards tourists, so there are bars and nightclubs everywhere. Once the sun goes down, the streets come alive with lights, colour and noise as the sunbathers of the day become the revellers of the evening.

There are also amusement parks, country-side and castles, great shopping, local gastronomy, and many events for all tastes and for all ages. Fabulous restaurants and trendy bars serve great food and wine, while miles of sandy beaches and clear seas attract families. The nightlife is lively. There is always something to do in Rimini and Riccionne!

If it’s tournament play you are interested in then we've got you covered!

In 2021 we shall be offering a choice of four tournaments starting with the 15th ROMA INTERNATIONAL CUP at Easter.
This boys-only football tournament takes place in one of the most beautiful city in the World: Rome. The matches will be played in the fantastic sports centre Borghesiana the headquarters retreats of the Italian national football team.

Next on the calendar is ITALIA SUPA-CUP. Again this is a boys-only tournament held in May.
This event offers your team football, beach and sun ad infinitum. You will discover the Italian Adriatic coastline around Rimini, Riccione and Cattolica! These pulsating resorts offer countless gelaterias, bars, restaurants, pizzerias and discotheques but also a multitude of tourist activities and entertainment.

Numerous exciting football matches await for you in Italy and you will have the possibility to meet youth football teams from all over Europe. Teams have participated in past years from Austria, Belgium, Croatia, England, France, Germany, Morocco, Switzerland, plus, of course, Italy.

If it's a Summer tournament you want then SAN MARINO CUP, held in early July, is perfect.
A great sport, social and culture experience with a unique international atmosphere. The largest Italian youth soccer tournament for boys and girls: the 2019 edition features over 100 Teams from 18 Countries and 4 Continents, this was more than 3000 participants.
The tournament is open to Football Clubs, Schools and Academy teams to boys aged 12 to 19 (teams organised in 5 categories) and girls from 13 and older (3 categories).
The matches will be played on 12 grass and astroturf fields on the Rimini Riviera and in San Marino Republic.

Teams enter from across the World; in previous years teams have travelled from Algeria, Argentina, Canada, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Morocco, Norway, Peru. San Marino, Tanzania, the USA and, of course, Italy

As an added attraction, the opening and closing ceremonies and some of the finals will be held in the National Stadium of San Marino! This is your chance to play where the national teams of England, Germany, Holland and Spain have played.

Finally, we offer a fantastic tournament held in October.
LIMONE CUP is a traditional and recognised International tournament. More than 50.000 young people, leaders, trainers and families have participated over the previous 25 years with a lot of memorable moments to follow.

Limone Cup is a good opportunity for your team to enjoy an early-season trip to Italy.
Your team has the possibility to, among other things, experience top football in Serie A, Europa League or Champions League, Italy’s biggest amusement park, Gardaland while participating in a well-organised football tournament and the fantastic Italian atmosphere and scenery at the Lake Garda.
In past years teams have entered from Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Norway, Russia and, of course, Italy.

Our Football Tours to Italy Italy


Friendship Tour



Age Groups


Trofeo Delfino

Rimini, Italy

May 21-24th 2021

Boys 11-a-side U19

Boys 11-a-side U17A

Boys 11-a-side U17B

Boys 11-a-side U15A

Boys 11-a-side U15B

Boys 9-a-side U13A

Boys 9-a-side U13B

Boys 9-a-side U12

Boys 7-a-side U11

Boys 7-a-side U10

From £216.00 plus flight costs per person.

Limone Cup

Sirmione, Italy

October 17-21st 2021

Boys U17/16: 11-a-side born after 1/1/2005

Boys U17/16: 8-a-side born after 1/1/2005

Boys U15: 11-a-side born after 1/1/2007

Boys U15: 8-a-side born after 1/1/2007

Boys U14: 11-a-side born after 1/1/2008

Boys U14: 8-a-side born after 1/1/2008

Boys U13: 11-a-side born after 1/1/2009

Boys U13: 8-a-side born after 1/1/2009

Boys U12: 8-a-side born after 1/1/2010

Girls U18/17: 11-a-side born after 1/1/2004

Girls U16: 11-a-side born after 1/1/2006

Girls U16: 8-a-side born after 1/1/2006

Girls U15: 11-a-side born after 1/1/2007

Girls U15: 8-a-side born after 1/1/2007

Girls U14: 11-a-side born after 1/1/2008

Girls U14: 8-a-side born after 1/1/2008

Girls U13: 8-a-side born after 1/1/2009

Girls U12: 8-a-side born after 1/1/2010

From £218.00 plus flight costs per person

Adriatic Coast/Rimini, Italy

Adriatic Coast/Rimini, Italy

Rimini, Italy

Available year round

Year Round

Boys, Girls and Ladies teams: all ages

All boys, girls and ladies teams

Prices from £233.00 plus flight costs per person

San Marino Cup

San Marino, Italy

4-9th July 2021

Boys 11-a-side: U12, U14, U16 and U18

Boys 7-a-side: Boys U10

Girls 11-a-side: U14, U16 and U18

From £280.00 plus flight costs per person.

Roma International  Cup

Rome, Italy

April 2-5th 2021

Boys 11-a-side: U14, U15, U16, U17 and U19

Boys 9-a-side: U12 and U13

Boys 7-a-side: U10 and U11

Boys 5-a-side U8

Prices from £217.00 plus flight costs per person

Football Tours To Italy
Football Tours To Italy
Football Tours To Italy