Football Tours To The USA

Friendship Tours for Boys, Girls and Ladies teams, plus Tournament Entry in Hawaii

The FRIENDSHIP TOURS we offer in the USA are based in California in the fascinating city of Los Angeles and in Florida, Kissimmee the fun capital of the World!

Whilst we are proud to announce that in 2022 we are UK representatives for THE HAWAII INTERNATIONAL TOURNAMENT!

American’s have taken their ‘can do’ attitude to sports and now fully celebrate football or “soccer” allowing for the possibility of very competitive matches.

The USA ticks all the boxes for a Junior and Youth football tour; competitive matches, top, top sightseeing opportunities and incredible locals with a passionate sporting culture.

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America offers practically unlimited sightseeing opportunities and attractions whilst on a football tour.

Other than the usual tourist attractions, such as Hollywood and the Walk of Fame, Universal Studios, Venice Beach and Santa Monica (and that’s just in LA!) youth football teams are catered for thanks to the country's huge sporting culture, giving you the opportunity to watch, depending upon when you travel, a baseball game, a basketball match, American Football or Major League Soccer!

GoBYSA has representatives on hand throughout your visit to America, meaning your group will be fully supported throughout their stay and can happily pass on any information you may require.


‘The Sunshine State’ and is the home of Disney is one of the top holiday destinations in the world, attracting over 50 million visitors every year. Add together the vast range of attractions, year-round sunshine and an enthusiastic sporting culture and you get an ideal touring destination. Travel time from London is 8.5 hours.

A friendship tour is just the ticket. Our groups stay in hotels in the Kissimmee area, close to the action. There are lots of hotels to choose from but all of them will be the equivalent of three or four stars and will provide your group with excellent accommodation during their stay.
These tours are available to boys teams, girls teams and ladies teams year-round.


For teams that really want to push the boat out we offer a fully escorted tour to Los Angeles. LA is a trend-setting global metropolis with an extraordinary history and a rich cultural heritage. It’s known as the Entertainment Capital of the World and is home to renowned museums, along with 75 miles of sunny coastline. The list of things to do in Los Angeles is as long as the city is vast. Hollywood, Venice Beach, Rodeo Drive, Disneyland, Santa Monica and Malibu Beach all spring to mind. Travel time is 10.5 hours from London.

During your stay, your group will be based in Hotels that are conveniently located to fully experience Los Angeles.

This tour is available to boys teams, girls teams and ladies teams year-round.

In its 27th edition year, the 2021 Hawaii International Cup is open to U.S. and international teams with divisions for boys & girls from U8 through U19. The tournament accommodates all levels of play and is the largest competitive youth soccer tournament in Hawaii.

The Honolulu Bulls Soccer Club – Hawaii’s oldest and most successful soccer club – hosts the Hawaii International Cup and is dedicated to continuing its proud history by presenting a quality competitive tournament to teams from all countries, the continental United States and the Hawaiian Islands.

In the past, international teams from Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Guam, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Canada and Sweden, along with U.S. teams from California, New Mexico, New Jersey, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Delaware, Arizona, Wisconsin, Virginia, New York, Georgia, Texas, Colorado, Alaska, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Hawaii have combined to make this Hawaii’s premier youth tournament.

Our Football Tours to USA


Friendship Tour



Age Groups


Hawaii International Cup

Oahu Island, Hawaii, USA

August 3-9th (tournament play 5/6/7th)

Boys and Girls U19, U18 and U17 - 11-a-side

Boys and Girls U16 and U15 - 11-a-side

Boys and Girls U14 and U13 - 11-a-side

Boys and Girls U12 and U11 - 9-a-side

Boys and Girls U10 and U9 - 7-a-side

Boys and Girls U8, U7 and U6 - 4-a-side

From £414.00 plus flight costs per person.

Florida Friendship Tour

Kissimmee area, Florida, USA

Year Round

Boys, Girls and Ladies teams: all ages

From £315.00 plus flight costs per person

Los Angeles Friendship Tour

Los Angeles, California

Year Round

Boys, Girls and Ladies teams: all ages

From £347.00 plus flight costs per person.

Football Tours To The USA
Football Tours To The USA
Football Tours To The USA