Denmark Cup No.1

6-11th July 2020

Cup No.1 is a youth football tournament for both boys and girls. It has been held in Frederikshavn, Denmark since 1984 under the name Dana Cup No.1. Almost 8.200 teams from 100 nations have entered this tournament past years; countries such as Algeria, Australia, Brazil, Columbia, Denmark, Dubai, England, Estonia, Philippine, India, Madagascar, Morocco, Mexico, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Sweden, Germany and USA.

All matches are played on nice green pitches of international standard in Frederikshavn. All pitches are in the same area, so your team/s does not have to spend a lot of time travelling, which gives you time to enjoy both the tournament and the City Frederikshavn.

Accommodation Choices
Typical School Accommodation

Teams entering the tournament have a choice of various types of accommodation.

As with most Scandinavian tournaments most teams choose to stay in schools. Clubs are allocated a room per team in one of five local schools.

All participants must bring their own air bed and a sleeping bag. It is also possible to rent bedding (air beds, pillows and blankets) ask for more information.

If a school stay isn’t to your liking then Frederikshavn offers a wide selection of accommodation. You can stay centrally in town or choose to stay close to the beach or the forest- where it’s nice and quiet.

The selection is big in Frederikshavn, choose between various hotels or a hostel.

The tournament has negotiated good deals at many of them. Reduced rates are also available for team supporters as well.


The tournament offers full board (3 meals a day) starting Monday evening and ending with lunch Saturday
Cup No.1 is well known for its catering. With so many games being played during the week, the tournament food team is in place to ensure that healthy and varied meals are served throughout.

As in recent years, Janne Hanson and his team will oversee cooking at the 2020 cup.

In addition to the menus, a fresh fruit- and salad bar is available at every meal.

Pork will not be included in any menu.

They also serve and prepare special diets for persons with allergies. When you register, it is possible to mark if you have an allergy and to state which kind it is. If you have a need of a special diet, you are given a black bracelet marked with your name.

Teams arriving early or departing late can order extra meals.  You need to register and log in before you can order the extra meals.

Transportation and Local Attractions

Transportation during the tournament
All playing fields at Cup No. 1 are situated close to the Information centre, eliminating the need for transport by bus, all fields lie within walking distance.

For schools that are further than 2km from the pitches, the tournament runs a bus service throughout the tournament. You will receive a schedule for bus transfers at check-in.

Attractions in the area

Frederikshavn Swimming Centre
Here you have the opportunity to use one of 4 pools, 3 of which have a comfortable temperature of 33 degrees.

Also available is a volcanic steam room and a rustic wilderness sauna for an experience of well-being and relaxation for both body and soul.

Plus a fitness department which is divided into muscle training and cardio giving you the opportunity to focus on your favourite workout.

Fårup Sommerland
Fårup is one of Denmark’s largest tourist attractions with plenty of wild, fun and crazy water activities for the whole family.

Everything from wild roller coasters and a children’s theme park to Denmark’s largest and wettest water world.

There are more than 60 rides – and once the admission has been paid, all rides and the Aqua Park are free.

Getting There

The nearest airport is Aalborg which is 40 miles away. The only airlines that offer direct flights from the UK and Ireland are Ryan Air from London-Stansted and Great Dane Airlines from Dublin and Edinburgh.

There are many others that fly there with a stopover, ask us for details.

Alternatively, Billund Airport is 160 miles away. BA fly there from London-City, London-Heathrow and Manchester. Ryan Air flies there from Dublin, Edinburgh, London-Stansted and Manchester.

Finally, Copenhagen airport is 288 miles away. Being the main airport in the Country there is a to more choice.

BA from London-Heathrow.
easyJet from Bristol, Edinburgh, London-Gatwick and Manchester.
Jet2 from Leeds-Bradford and Newcastle.
Norwegian Air Shuttle from Dublin, Edinburgh and London-Gatwick.
Ryan Air from Dublin, Edinburgh, Liverpool, London-Luton, London-Southend and London-Stansted.
Scandinavian from Aberdeen, Birmingham, Dublin, Edinburgh, London-Heathrow, London-Stansted and Manchester,

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