10 reasons to train at the Complex Esportiu Futbol Salou

When perfection is the goal, any ball doesn´t work, any kind of grass, or any training session is worthwhile. When a player aspires to the highest, every detail adds up. 

At the Complex Esportiu Futbol Salou they know that, which is why they offer professional facilities for the most demanding players to achieve excellence.

Do you doubt it? Here are 10 reasons to visit this fantastic complex.

1. They have the best football fields
 At the CE Futbol Salou there are 12 football fields for 11 a-side, of which; three are natural grass, seven are artificial grass and the other two are hybrids, the latest technology applied in the best stadiums in the world of football. They also have one dedicate 7 a- side football pitch.




2. You will be able to enjoy cutting-edge technology. In Spain, there are only two facilities that have football fields with this hybrid technology, and one of them is theirs, implemented by Palau Turf.
The hybrid pitches are more resistant, comfortable and safe. No potholes appear, and the risk of injury is reduced thanks to the homogeneity of the pitch. In addition, the game is more precise since the ball always bounces and rolls on a firm and completely flat surface.

3. It is an ideal climate to train all year round
. The excellent location, in the coastal town of Salou, enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate that allows outdoor training throughout the year. Wherever you come from, the temperature will not be a problem!

4. You will be able to play or train with the best performance
. The fields are equipped with fixed and mobile goals and have artificial light so that matches can be played at any time. In addition, all the material is approved by the Spanish Football Federation and meets the standards of UEFA and FIFA.

5. The facilities have everything you need In addition to the fields, the CE Futbol Salou has meeting rooms, training rooms, rehabilitation area, bar-cafeteria (indoor and terrace), a lounge area and 20 dressing rooms of different sizes to meet all the needs of the teams, for big tournaments or small individual or group sessions.



6. They have customised solutions
 At CE Futbol Salou they offer customised solutions that adapt to the needs of each team: masterclass, individual training and training camps.

7. Their coaches are certified professionals
 The Tecnifutbol trainers and their partners, are professionals who hold the highest badges from UEFA and the Catalan Football Federation. Through their knowledge and experience, they contribute their vision and way of working to the teams at the highest level.

8. Their philosophy is not only based on physical, technical and tactical training
. The mind can be the greatest ally or the worst enemy of a player. That ‘great forgotten’ is a determining factor when it comes to harvesting results. Tecnifutbol knows that training the mind is just as important as the body if you want to achieve sporting excellence. Therefore, they have a sports psychologist who trains and advise players to complement physical training with psychological training.

9. The location is unbeatable
. Located in the capital of the Costa Daurada, the Complex Esportiu Futbol Salou is located just one hour from the city of Barcelona, known worldwide for its cultural attraction and for being the birthplace of one of the best teams in the world; FC Barcelona.
In addition, they enjoy an environment with multiple cultural and natural options for leisure and relaxation: Cambrils, Port Aventura, the Delta del Ebro and the mountains of the Costa Daurada, among others.

10. Because hundreds of teams have already visited!
 The CE Futbol Salou facilities have been consolidated as a centre of high performance and training for many professional teams. Since 2012, more than 1.000 teams from all over the world have already visited for training camps, including 14 first division professional teams and 8 European teams.

Come and see for yourself!







Salou Training Camp, Spain


Boys, girls and ladies

Mid-September to mid-May

Prices from £138.00 plus flight costs per person